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Butter CMS

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Add a CMS to your website in under 10 minutes

An API-first CMS for rapidly building CMS-powered websites in any programming language. Great for blogs, dynamic pages, and more.


Flexible Content Modeling

Make content changes dead simple for content editors.

Pages Types

Build SEO landing pages, knowledge base, news articles, and more by using Page Types. Learn more.


Update new product information for your online store or create new promotional content like Case Studies and Testimonials using Collections. Learn more.

Blog Engine

You've got better things to do than building another blog. Just drop-in our pre-built blog engine and get back to more interesting problems.


Rich text editor

Text formatting, image uploads, media embed, HTML editing, and more.

Custom workspaces

Customize your views to create your dream setup for managing content.

Preview & scheduled changes

Preview changes on your website before publishing and schedule when they go live.


Create all the locales you need to support your global app. Publish in as many languages as you want with Butter's internationalization features.


Media Library

No need for your own image hosting or configuring a complex CDN when you can store your images and files in Butter.

Developer Tech Stack Guides

Butter supports dozens of tech stacks including React, Ruby, Rails, Angular, Node.js, Express.js, Python, ASP.NET, Flask, Django, PHP, Flutter