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About GraphCMS

As the first GraphQL native Headless CMS, our mission is to remove traditional content management pain points by using the power of GraphQL, and take the idea of a Headless CMS to the next level.

Why Use GraphCMS?

API-first CMS with the most flexible content API in the CMS industry

Our generated APIs offer endless flexibility for fetching or writing content. Precise content selection, filtering, ordering, pagination, union types and much more.

We're focused on Developers challenges

Minimum payload, client-driven data queries, generated documentation, powerful tooling and extensive filtering for an utterly flexible interaction with your API. The generated GraphQL API works for read and write operations and scales seamlessly.

Free forever developer plan

Enjoy GraphCMS for personal or small-scale projects. Our free forever plan lets up to 2 users work on GraphCMS projects with restricted locales, user roles, and stages. Flexible and project based pricing suited to accommodate your growth as your project needs scale.

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