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What is Stastic

Stastic is an online website editor used to create a website or edit one you already have.

Hosting is free, without ads, and super fast. The editor is simple and optimized for mobile phones.

Note: static websites are very fast ! Stastic editor plugs into Jekyll websites, wich are natively supported by Github pages. Install Stastic, then add /admin to the website URL to enter the editor.

It has never been that easy to create and edit static websites:

  • use any Jekyll template - we have a curated list too
  • edit the content with a clean attractive online editor, optimized for mobile and tablet
  • if you need to customize your website design or features, hand over what you created to a developer or web designer

Here is how you can try Stastic:

  1. Open Stastic installer and login with Github and authorise Stastic
  2. Select a design in a list of curated themes or install Stastic on your existing site on Github
  3. Open Stastic editor in your browser: https:/yourdomain.com/admin or use the URL provided for free by Github: https://[yourname].github.io/admin
  4. Edit the content, create pages, write blog posts, change the navigation, add Google analytics tracking, customize the pages URLs, and more

When you are happy with your content, if you want to add features or change the design, you can do so just like with any Jekyll site or hand over the site to a developer, they will know how to customize every bit of it right away.