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Power your apps and websites from Trello

Troglio turns any Trello board into a headless CMS : connect any site or app to manage its content from Trello cards.

Writers can write using markdown, TOML or the Custom Fields Power-up to author their content from anywhere, even offline !

Developers can use data as they please without being tied to a provider or a database.

This results in amazing collaborations between authors and developers offering literally no limits to what can be built.

Easy for writers...

Write into Trello cards like if they were pages. Collaborate, use markdown, attach images, preview your work... publish!

...neat for developers

Not only you get authors' content, but we also ship extra helpers : slug, permalink, type of content, template...

Get started

IMPORTANT: Troglio is an independent power-up and thus has to be installed manually as a custom power-up: it is not available in the public listings of Trello, here is why.

To install Troglio and to see all its features, check our complete guide at https://troglio.com/guide.