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Versioned is a headless CMS (or content backend) that is available both as a managed service and as open source software on Github.

The main building blocks are:

  • A web UI where content editors can manage content
  • A REST API that delivers published content/data to clients (i.e. websites and apps)

Feature Highlights

  • Dynamic Content Types - a flexible way for content editors to set up the content types they need without having to do any software development
  • Data Validation - content types are a collection of fields and each field has a data type and optionally validation rules to ensure the integrity of the data
  • Relationships - a field in a content type can represent a one-way or two-way relationship (i.e. link or reference) to another content type and the type of the relationship can be either one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many
  • Publishing and Versioning - you can work on new content in a draft state, preview it, and then publish it to clients when it's ready. Content is versioned and you can see what has happened in a publish history.
  • Changelog - Versioned maintains a log of changes made to all data so that editors can keep track of exactly what has been changed, when, and by whom
  • Webhooks - configure another system to receive an HTTP call whenever content is changed so that your clients always have the latest published content (you may for example need to rebuild a static website when content changes)
  • Translations - select which languages to translate your texts into and deliver only the relevant language to your users

Tech Stack

Versioned is built on these technologies: